We build product MVP’s

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is about balancing product priorities during the whole development process. It continues throughout the entire lifecycle of your product. 

For the most products we see right now it took years to evolutionize and get to the place they’re right now. On every new stage you’ll need to choose which things to build first and which ones should wait until later, even by being a well-established company or having paying customers.
A Minimum Viable Product is about focusing on what’s most important and building that and not isn’t about making a bad first product.

How it works

1. Concept

KFG team works with you from early beginning, when you have just sketches/idea of your future product. We will help you to identify unique value proposition and pick the best product roadmap.

2. Prototype

In this stage, we will provide you with a fully clickable prototype created using the best practices and latest trends in user experience which you will get in 2 weeks.

3. Strategy

We’ll research your niche and will come up with a long-term strategy for your startup idea.

4. Design

Our designers use the latest UX/UI trends, so as a result, you will get a delight user experience.

5. Development

This step is one of the most important. We build your MVP by choosing the technology which better suits to your product. You will be able to follow a developing process.

6. Test

Before it’s ready to go, we test each product to make it simple and bit better.

We can turn your idea into real life.

With the help of Minimum Viable Product you can test it with your target audience, validate product viability and launch it as soon as possible. We will take care of research, design and development process. We’ll launch your product/service MVP in just two weeks.

Our work



Ticketing and merchandising PaaS - Eastern Europe.

Elite Guard Training

Elite Guard Training

Basketball video training web & mobile application - USA

Precinct Hub

Precinct Hub

Instagram-like shoppers network - Australia



Hire cleaners on demand - Australia



Coverage Check Engine & Large Marketplace of ISPs — Eastern Europe

“‘Make something people want.’ That’s the fundamental problem.

If your startup will die, it’s probably because

you didn’t make something people wanted.”

Paul Graham, Investor, Co-Founder of Y-Combinator

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