Hyperlocal publishing platform – UK

EEIO is delivering a sophisticated approach to hyperlocal publishing. Their platform empowers local communities to publish and discus news, promote events, do business postings, chat – everything local in one place, and all over a neat, location powered interface.

Published content may be sorted by tags, location and split between 6 content types. Registered users may post, comment and chat. There is a noticeboard to sell items, make offers and rate transactions.


The EEIO platform has been in development since 2011 and the KFG team joined us in late 2017 delivering significant improvements from previous teams under a very tight deadline. A highly professional team.

John Martineau




Take over from previous development team and move application to production stage

What We Did

Utilizing React.js, Node.js/Express.js, MongoDB, Redis and Elastic Search, we refactored application code, moved to AWS infrastructure, improved continuous integration, added missing features and closed a lot of bugs.


10 times speed improvements due to code refactoring, database improvements and start using redis-geo


Deployment flexibility and budget transparency because of migration to AWS infrastructure


Better user experience due to cumulative improvements, new features added and bug fixes

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