Next Generation Security for Cloud Infrastructure – USA

CloudHunter is a single tenancy SaaS developed by SiftSecurity to proactively protect client’s dynamic cloud infrastructure. It is an early stage startup from Menlo Park, California.

A bunch of preparatory steps needed for new product to successfully hit the market – from new website with CRM integration for automatic leads processing to building single sign-on customer facing dashboard representing product as usual for market multi tenancy SaaS solution. Plus some product fine tuning with the use of AWS BigData stack – Lambda functions & Kinesis Firehose to manage cloud watch stream data.


Starting from small commitment KFG team take in more complex, core for our business tasks. All was delivered according to requirements, in timely manner and team is constantly available.

Neil King




Team augmentation – help internal team in developing certain customer facing features for internally developed SaaS and existing landing pages under supervision of client’s team.

What We Did

Using Auth0, React.js, Node.js/Express.js we developed single sign-on dashboard to manager internally developed SaaS solution. Used AWS Lambda and Kinesis Firehose to manage cloud watch stream of logs and deliver everything as cloud formation template. Also we spinned up new company site on WordPress optimized for great PageSpeed and fast loading and integrated ProsperWorks for automatic leads processing.


SaaS dashboard with single sign on


New web presence with leads processing automation


Cloud formation template with AWS Lambda and Kinesis Firehose to manage cloud watch stream

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