We’re using top-notch technologies

to make apps on iOS

There are many reasons why we are making a product MVP on iOS, and it all comes down from the benefits offered by this platform. iOS is a very popular platform and one that’s used on a day to day basis by tens of millions of people worldwide. Not only that, but mobile apps have managed to generate a massive industry.

In fact, there are companies like Rovio or Supercell that earn their income solely from mobile apps alone. The exposure is huge, there are millions of buyers on the platform, so here you can get the very best results!

Stats for iOS users

  • iOS 10 is installed on more than 76% of all active iOS devices.
  • 6% of all smartphones run either Android or iOS, which makes iOS in particular one of the most important markets out there.
  • 3% of all apps are available free of charge, with only a few being paid for.
  • More than 20 million users are purchasing iPhones every.

How it works

1. Concept

KFG team works with you from early beginning, when you have just sketches/idea of your future product. We will help you to identify unique value proposition and pick the best product roadmap.

2. Prototype

In this stage, we will provide you with a fully clickable prototype created using the best practices and latest trends in user experience which you will get in 2 weeks.

3. Strategy

We’ll research your niche and will come up with a long-term strategy for your startup idea.

4. Design

Our designers use the latest UX/UI trends, so as a result, you will get a delight user experience.

5. Development

This step is one of the most important. We build your MVP by choosing the technology which better suits to your product. You will be able to follow a developing process.

6. Test

Before it’s ready to go, we test each product to make it simple and bit better.