We’re using top-notch technologies

to make Android apps

Android is an open source software stack created by Google. However, you can easily modify it as you see fit to suit your needs and purposes. We are delivering MVP on Android because the platform is flexible to work with and it features all the customization options you need. Not only that, but you also offer users more control over what’s installed and what’s permitted to use or not.

Stats for Android users

  • There are around 2 billion monthly active users that access the Android platform.
  • The Android share on the US mobile market is 55.3%.
  • You can find more than 5000 different mobile phone models that support the Android platform.
  • More than 25 million people are using Android Pay.

How it works

1. Concept

KFG team works with you from early beginning, when you have just sketches/idea of your future product. We will help you to identify unique value proposition and pick the best product roadmap.

2. Prototype

In this stage, we will provide you with a fully clickable prototype created using the best practices and latest trends in user experience which you will get in 2 weeks.

3. Strategy

We’ll research your niche and will come up with a long-term strategy for your startup idea.

4. Design

Our designers use the latest UX/UI trends, so as a result, you will get a delight user experience.

5. Development

This step is one of the most important. We build your MVP by choosing the technology which better suits to your product. You will be able to follow a developing process.

6. Test

Before it’s ready to go, we test each product to make it simple and bit better.

Most advanced technologies used in Android mobile app development

Creating the best Android apps does require a stellar And