On-demand services are everywhere and continue to grow. According to recent a U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, over 22 million customers are spending $36 billion through on-demand platforms.

Demand for these services is not slowing down. An increasingly diverse group of customers are using on-demand services, proving they are succeeding breaking out of the urban, time poor, financially comfortable Millennial (age 18-34) market. The Harvard Business Review confirms that “30% are between 35 and 54, and 22% are age 55 or older”, which is a positive sign of trust for on-demand businesses.

However, this also means competition in every market segment and country is getting tougher. New entrants only have a matter of seconds to make a first impression. Everything about your website and app needs to convert as many new visitors as possible. You never have a second chance to make a first impression, and a customer who isn’t happy with the service when they use it the first time won’t come back.

Quick, Efficient, User-friendly: Must Have Features for On-Demand Apps

Customers need quick, easy, intuitive, well-designed user-friendly apps. User experiences can make or break an on-demand startup. Some core essentials for on-demand apps include:

#1: User Experience and Onboarding

Onboarding in the Hulu app

Onboarding in the Hulu app

Make everything, from your website – where you encourage new users to download the app – to the onboarding process as simple as possible. Don’t assume anything. A few years ago, you could assume that most smartphone users will know their way around apps, but we are seeing more people from outside the core 18 – 34 demographic turning to on-demand apps.

Design and user-experience should guide users through the app, making every action intuitive, as if you’ve placed features where users expect to find them before they realise they need them. Seamless and simple is essential to prevent users getting frustrated and abandoning the journey to placing an order.

#2: Clear In-App Navigation and Flow

New app users will get fed up and frustrated if they can’t find what they need within the app. People have far less patience for poor navigation when they are seeking information or want to place an order using a mobile device. Once someone gives up on their first attempt to use an app, they won’t come back again.

Make every step, from start to finish, logical and clear. Get a user from A to B – the checkout – as smoothly as possible, while ensuring they experience the app in a positive way that emphasises the value you are creating at every stage. It is also worth including opportunities for them to share the app with others, shortly after downloading, after they’ve placed an order or after they’ve left feedback.

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#3: A Clear order placing and Checkout System

A Clear order placing and Checkout System

Source: chownow.com

It should be incredibly easy for people to make a purchase/place an order. A few clicks are all it should take. Aim for a frictionless experience, with the option for a guest checkout (through a social network authentication – Facebook or Twitter) if you don&