Creating a mobile app is very important nowadays since just about all ideas can be transformed into a working mobile app that offers you a good return on investment. But the reality is that brainstorming some ideas is only a part of the entire process. What you want to do is to create a working app prototype that will help you get a visual perspective on the entire project as fast as possible. This is why you need to build app prototype because such a thing can easily provide you with a delightful visual approach towards the entire project.

What Is an App Prototype

So, what is a mobile app prototype? Simply put, you need to make clickable app prototype to vet the overall visuals and functionality of the application. Sure, the ideas may sound good on paper, to begin with, but if you want your ideas to work very well, what you want to do is to build the app prototype first. This will offer you a very good insight into what works and what doesn’t for your application.

Plus, creating a prototype makes collaboration between team members a lot easier. This way you can identify the ideas that can be a part of your app and maybe improve on the current prototype. Alternatively, you can also identify those features that don’t make any sense for the app and remove them. Sure, the prototype is a work in progress model of what you want to accomplish. It’s nowhere near the end product, but it does give you a perspective of how the app will look in the end.

Why It’s Good to Make a Clickable Prototype Before Actually Building an App

Building an app is a time-consuming and costly process that you have to go through with a lot of attention. The idea is that any mistake can cost you a lot of money if you’re not careful. If you want to avoid any sort of problems, the primary focus has to be on creating a mobile app prototype. Once you make clickable app prototype for your app, it will be easier to identify the bugs and problems that your app may encounter.

As a result, you can save a lot of money while also smoothing out the entire app building process, to begin with. Granted, it can be a really challenging thing to deal with, but in the end, that can be a truly delightful and distinct experience. Plus, knowing the issues that the app has right now makes it easier for you to improve on any potential ideas for the long haul. Ironing out the bugs and being able to see the app in a visual format for the first time is an incredible thing, and that’s the entire reason why you build app prototype, to begin with.

The development team also can try out the functionality of the application, and it will be easier for them to get the feedback they need. So, you get to eliminate any costly mistakes. The development process will be better, more precise and the overall quality that you will receive will be a lot better.

Once you make clickable app prototype, you can iterate a lot faster on a design concept too. In addition to that, you will be able to compare various design variations and see how they translate in a real-life usage scenario. A design can sound good on paper, but seeing it in real-life via the mobile app prototype can bring in an entirely new perspective.

Aside from that, prototypes are a great presentation tool. You will be able to showcase your ideas a lot easier, and in the end, this can lead to a resounding return on investment for you. A thing to realize here is that you can also adapt your design ideas and functionality ideas on the go when you create an app prototype. Even if these things don’t seem like much at first, they do make an amazing difference for the long-term use!

How Does an App Prototype Look Like

When you build app prototype, your primary focus is to translate all of your written notes into something that works and which can be browsed according to your own needs. The idea is to show exactly how the app will look after it’s developed. Sure, you don’t have to add the entire functionality of the app, but you have to show some of the visuals as a whole. As long as you do that, you will find that the results will be more than ok in the end.

So, how does an app prototype look? Below you can find some rather interesting ideas that will help you identify the looks of such a prototype.

Simple To-Do app

Simple To-Do app

This prototype is rather simple; it allows you to see how you can create a to do app that includes a variety of items. It shows the entire functionality of the app, and it also allows you to see how the simplistic design can look in a real-world situation!

Chat application prototype

Chat application prototype

The benefit that comes from creating such a mobile app prototype is that you can immediately identify any issues with the app in no time. You can see if you need to add any menus, if chatting is easy and if you can access features like archive and favorites with ease. Obviously, not every menu will remain the same, but it still allows you to get a quick feel of the app before it’s completed.

Map application prototype

Map application prototype

When you see this mobile app prototype, you immediately identify what matters in the case of your app. You can see the important locations on the map, information about specific places and so on. Yes, you may not have all the places, restaurants and guidelines in place, but you have a feeling when it comes to knowing how the app looks, how it performs and what type of extra locations or features you may need to add.

These are only a few examples of great mobile app prototype models. You are free to pick what works for you, but the idea is to opt for the simpler, better prototypes that focus on both functionality and design. While you should focus on visuals, the idea is that you still want to have some functionality aspects in place as well. Yes, this means that it can take a while to build app prototype, but it will be very well worth it in the end!

Why Having an App Prototype Is Important When Raising Capital for Startups

Let’s face it, a lot of investors are not going to offer you a ton of money solely on an idea. The benefit you get when you make